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Australian Government - Home Insulation Program

All homes that have had foil insulation installed under the Australian Government’s Home Insulation Program are eligible to have an electrical safety inspection.
This is a precautionary measure being rolled out to ensure householder safety.

The department is strongly encouraging householders to take advantage of the electrical inspection as soon as possible. Around 49,000 homes nationwide are eligible for the electrical safety inspection. The Australian Government’s department will pay reasonable costs for these inspections.

If Optilink Electrical & Communications identify any electrical safety problems relating to the foil insulation process the Australian Government will pay reasonable costs to fix them.
If pre-existing electrical problems are found, Optilink will identify and inform our clientele, provide our clients with a fix price for repair. This work will not be covered under this scheme for repair and our clientele will be responsible for any costs associated with pre-existing problems that need repair.

Optilink’s electrical safety inspections for foil insulation
Free Service - Foil Insulation Clientele

Step 1 - Setting up the Inspection

Step 2 - Checking householder eligibility

Step 3 - Carrying out the inspection

Step 4 - Discussing results with our Clientele

Step 5 - Completing the inspection paperwork

Step 6 - Further questions